France 2019

The Route

Marble Arch, London – Palavas les Flots, France (That’s on the Med!)

The Blog

Day 1 – A spin from central London through the traffic, the high streets and the countryside of Kent….

Day 2 – A mad dash from Folkestone, over the hill to Dover before catching the ferry to
to Dunkerque. Then it’s 60 odd miles to the south of Lille where an Airbnb awaits and an interesting night’s stay….

Day 3 – Following an eventful Airbnb, it’s onward south with a prevailing wind to the little town of Marle. Good progress made today and a better Airbnb

Day 4 – Champagne for everyone!! No, it’s not the end, just the region! But by gum, it does rain there!

Day 5 – More kit please! Longest day of the trip here with 90+ miles most canal-side. Forecast for tomorrow is ‘tres pantalons’ so popped into a bike shop and got fleeced for a load of thermal lycra!

Day 6 – Vile! Absolutely vile! Four seasons in one day but mostly winter!

Day 7 – Cracking on now! Another 80+ miles in the bag. Fairer weather too and a huge steak to finish the day on!

Day 8 – The last prevailing wind day and a run in with a malodorous motorist.

Day 9 – The city of Lyon in all her finest (and plenty of roadworks too!) Into the Rhone Valley now and a lovely headwind! Merde! A puncture also!

Day 10 – Valence. Looks a nice place from what I saw of it. Headwinds and showers today. Boulangeries are few and far between due to VE Day celebrations.

Day 11 – The finale! If only that sodding wind would die down!

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