Hello Folks (8/7/18)

Evening All

It’s Tuesday evening. It’s the 10th of July and without wanting to sound like a whingeing englishman, it has, at last, cooled down a bit after being so bleddy hot. I knew there was a reason why I wasn’t going to do this ride during the summer months!
Whilst the rest of the brood are sunning themselves somewhere on a Greek Island, yours truly has been holding the fort and doing a spot of decorating. In this heat, the paint dries as soon as it hits the wall (not that I’ve been throwing it)!
Anyway, I’m a little over 2 months away from this big pedal across France. Fundraising has commenced and is currently sitting at £275 (plus the GiftAid thing – £340). Many thanks to those who have supported me so far. This past weekend, I took delivery of the very vehicle that’s going to get myself and all I need down to the Med. I only wish I could have new legs too but hey ho! You can’t have everything.
Today I paid for the bus back home which I think, at £161 is pretty good value. The company are called European Bike Express – An English company based up in Hull, they run a fleet of posh coaches down into France several times a week during the summer months. There’s a wide choice of routes available and the beauty of it is, is that you don’t have to strip your bike down and box it up like you would if flying or travelling on some rail services. The coaches tow a large covered trailer which is basically a big bike rack on wheels. Anyone considering cycling in France should consider these people as it looks like a great solution and alternative with less hassle of packing up a bike.

I contacted DFDS, the ferry people way over a month ago with a begging letter asking for a complimentary crossing to Dunkerque from Dover (All of £25 worth) but, alas it has fallen on deaf ears. Nevermind, I’ve paid it now so that’s it. Everything is booked! Oh, anyone reading this who has any experience of taking a bike on a ferry from Dover, any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.

What else has been happening? Oh yes, yours truly has set up a facebook page. It’ll probably duplicate much of the stuff on here but it’ll be easier to post on facebook whilst on the move.
The shirts have arrived from The Brain Tumour Charity and by jove, they aren’t ‘arf fetching!! Who needs hi-vis with one of these on!! I think I’ll have to shed a few pounds before September as these are a snug-fit design and will easily emphasise a ‘baguette-belly after nearly a fortnight’s riding in French France!!


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My name is Steve Pullan and I'm lucky enough to live in a fabulous part of the country in Devon. The moors and open countryside are on the doorstep and that lends itself to some fantastic cycling (if you don't mind the west country rain and the hills!). I've always been keen on cycling but since moving to Tavistock, my enthusiasm has hit an all-time high. In 2014, I decided to make use of it and take on the Land's End to John O'Groats challenge. I rode solo and unsupported and did intend to keep costs down by going armed with a tent and sleeping bag but due to an appalling winter and being unsure of what spring had in mind, I opted for the B&B option. The ride covered a little over 917 puncture-free miles and involved quite a few climbs both in the far north-east of Scotland and also Devon and Cornwall (I've had been reliably informed that Devon and Cornwall is by far the worst part of it and I have to say, I agree). The whole trip was completed in a leisurely 13 days with about 81 hours spent in the saddle. Each day I posted a blog on this site just to share this great experience. I also raised over £2000 for Cancer Research too. Following on from the LeJoG, the experience has given me the bug and desire to explore more on two wheels and in Aug 2015, I set off for a 6 day jaunt across the channel in France. Once off the ferry in Roscoff, I pedalled 400 odd miles to my parents' house south of Cognac in the south-west. The France2015 blog details that ride. No doubt there'll be other jaunts in Europe to come! Update: September 2018 - A solo ride from London to the Mediterranean in aid of the Brain Tumour Charity. - This ride came to a bit of a premature end after 260 miles with a knee injury. However, it is now rescheduled for 29th April 2019. Details of everything are on the blog pages. Thanks for reading.

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